Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quilting Fabrics and Scrap of Fabrics How to Organize Tips and Links

Directory of Links on How to organize Quilting Fabrics and Scraps of Fabrics

I would say if they are from the same collection to keep those fabrics together to make it easier when you decide what you are going to make so they all coordinate.

1. Christmas Fabrics
2. Fabrics from same collection
3. Solid Colors sorted by colors to keep all in the same spot
(like all reds, oranges etc.) so at a glance you can see what you have
4. Batiks - all in one spot sorted by colors

How to Organize Scraps of Fabrics:
1. How to organize your scraps of fabrics

2. look at this cool way to organize your scraps of fabric
3. favorite method of organizing scraps:

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