Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baste your Quilt on a Table

Note Below from my friend on the Quilting  Board Site:

I used to baste my quilts on the floor, either taping or using T-pins to pin the edges to the carpet. A friend showed me how to baste my quilt on a table and I won't ever do it on the floor again!! LOL (my knees don't like it!) Buy the extra large binder clips from the office supply store. Set up a long folding table and lay the backing over the table, centering it. Clip one side to the table, then pull it taut and clip to the other side and ends. Next, lay the batting over the back, smooth it out and re-clip each binder clip to include the batting. And then lay out the top, making sure it is centered on the backing, smooth it out, and re-clip each clip. Once it is clipped, start pinning! I pin about very 4 or 5 inches. When the center section is done, unclip, slide the quilt sandwich to one side, re-clip, pin, and repeat with the other side. Works perfectly every time

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